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Being a specialized research institution, REA Consultants has unique and specialized personnel dedicated to full time research in their areas of mandate and the environment.  This has led to a multi-disciplinary approach to staffing capable of handling major aspects of modern challenges especially in the areas of Communication and Environmental management.  The firm attracts partnerships locally with various national institutions especially universities and Non-Governmental Organizations, leading to sharing of information, skills and experience.


Dr Charles Nyiro

COMMUNICATION AND KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT  SPECIALIST: PhD in Communication, Moi University, MBA, JKUAT (2009); MPhil Communications, Moi University (2004), PGD  Mass Communications, University of Nairobi (1998); BEd, English/Literature, Moi University (1997), Web Design specialist, Intek Microsystems (2002); Environmental Impact Assessment Moi University School of Environmental Studies (2001)

Advocacy specialist with expertise in driving social progress. Experience working in both the private and public sectors. Proven success in developing strategy based on research and deep analysis of organizations' specific challenges.Proficient in qualitative research, study designs, protocol and proposal writing, development of survey tools, data analysis and writing for wide-ranging audiences including academic peer reviewed journals.  Charles has been lead consultant for communication components of a number of environmental, health and natural resource projects where he has helped design communication strategies, Knowledge management strategies, undertaken project documentation, Case writing amongst others.

Charles is the Managing Consultant for Research East Africa Consultants 


Dr Tsuma Jembe

Dr. Jembe holds a Ph.D (Environmental Science), MSc. (Zooloy) and BSc. (Zoology, chemistry, Botany). He is currently the Coordinator of the International Nile Perch Research Centre based within the Lake Victoria Basin. He is has been the National Project coordinator in the concluded EU funded project on the implementation of a Fisheries Management Plan for Lake Victoria (IFMP). Previously he was the overall manager of the LVEMP 1 component on the Fish Biology and biodiversity studies on the Lake Victoria basin. He has trained on taxonomy and systematics at the Harvard University, Museum of Comparative Zoology and at New England Aquarium, Boston University in the US. 

Dr Jembe has worked extensively on biodiversity issues including fish taxonomy in the Lake Victoria basin and at the New England Aquariam, Boston University, Museum of Comparative Zoology-Harvard University, The Shedd Aquarium Illinois and Columbus Zoo in the US. He is currently in-charge of stock assessment survey of the Lake Victoria stocks under Trawl and Catch assessment surveys and a Regional Member of the Frame Survey Taskforce on Lake Victoria. He has coordinated and managed large consultancies and donor-funded projects on environment. He has published widely in his areas of expertise and often provides briefs and direction on the environment to media houses.

Qureish Noordin

NATURAL RESOURCE MANAGEMENT EXPERT: MPhil (Forestry- tropical forestry soils and Hydrology)-Moi University; BSc (Forestry)-Second Class Upper Hons. Moi University. Moi University, Kenya; KCE-Alliance High School, Kenya

PROFESSIONAL EXPERTICE: Finance Management for USAID projects (organised by USAID-EA); Integrated Soil Fertility Management and Food Security; Climate change and conservation agriculture; Making Community based extension systems work; Asset Based Community driven Development (ABCD); ToFacilitators course: Participatory Innovation Development (PID); Advocacy strategies for local communities; Mainstreaming gender in development projects; Farmer-led documentation; Participatory extension and scaling up strategies; Natural Resources Management and Institutions: The links between property rights, collective action and natural resource management; Organising Community Groups for Transformation; Collaborative management of Partners; National Agriculture and Livestock Extension Policy (NALEP); Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation (incl. Poverty analysis); Community- based NRM; Tree domestication; Local Ecological Knowledge and Knowledge-based Systems Approach; Facilitation skills; Participatory Learning and Action Research; Participatory Agroecosytem Management; Participatory Rural Appraisals; TOT Methodology; Participatory Farming Systems Analysis

Dr Issa Kipera

MONITORING AND EVALUATION EXPERT: PhD in Economics, Centre for Economic Studies and Policy, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi India 1987; MA in Planning, Department of Urban and regional Planning, University of Nairobi, Kenya, 1989; BA  in  Economics, University of Nairobi, Kenya,  2002

Served as UNDP Consultant to the Government of Kenya on the Good Governance for Poverty Eradication Program, Year: 2003/4, Location: Kenya, Client: Government of Kenya/UNDP

Advised the Government of Kenya on mechanisms and systems for monitoring, Evaluation and assessing the impact of application of public resources, and implementation of poverty programs contained in the Economic Recovery Strategy for Wealth and Employment Creation (ERS). Serving as an Advisor to the government on matters of M&E of the outcome of Government policies and plans;

Developed of criteria for identification of success of development programs within  Government of Kenya; Holding consultative forums with stakeholders in government to gather information about successful projects implemented by government agencies; Visiting identified projects and evaluating their success based on the developed criteria; Analyse the success of such projects with respect to funding and sources, project management sustainability and impact; Harmonising the various M&E systems in the various government Ministries; Transformed the Poverty Eradication Department of the Ministry of Planning into a National Monitoring and Evaluation Unit; Drafted the initial framework for the government annual score card system for evaluating performance of ministries; Coordinated the Mid Term Evaluation of the Kenya PRSP – Economic Recovery Strategy for Wealth and Employment Creation (ERS).

Jeffah Lewa Birya (RAHA)

Wide experience in documentation of  activities through all multi-media channels including photography and video. Good in digital communications. Currently incharge of updating the Coast Water Services Board Corporate website, including managing their social pages. Was documentalist in  "Documentation of community based natural resource projects" a World Bank funded project undertaken by REA Consultants for KEMFRI. Raha is trained in Video shooting and editing from Thika Institute of Technology