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Documentation of Community based projects-Posters and Fliers

DOCUMENTATION OF UNDP Health Case Study on Inclusive Business


  • The event was was fully covered by the media
  • You have to make sure you get the sound right
  • The GM for Whitesands had an opportunity to be interviewd as a stakeholder in the MPARD project
  • Its time to get into the chopper for aerial documentation
  • Time to get onto the chopper
  • Inside the chopper
  • That side of the chopper is half open so that photographers can get a good view. Not for the fait hearted
  • In the air
  • airborne
  • and Charles had an opportunity to take a photo with the pilot
  • The team had a photo opportunity with the Mombasa Governor ali Hassan Joho after the interview
  • Charles behind the camera
  • The chopper is here at last! You have to know that you that your need a permit from KCAA to fly. Even though we had booked and fully paid for the chopper,we had to stay an extra day before flying becasue the permit had not arrived. you need to give yourself an allowance of 72 hours
  • Ground zero: where the phase 1 of the project (Dongo kundu by pass) starts. there was a full press conference which was addressed by the Chairman and Director General of KeNHA
  • An aerial view. The chopper was flying very low so we could get everything clearly