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Dongo Kundu by pass a game changer in Coast economy

Research East Africa Consultants was recently involved in documentation of the Mombasa Port Area Road Development (M-PARD) This is a project under the Kenya Natioal Highways Authority with funding form JICA, Project No: JICA No KE-P29. The assignment involved documentation (including aerial surveillance) and profiling of the road in its present condition capturing all salient features and interviews with various stakeholders including the Governors of Mombasa and Kwale, KPA, KPC, transporters along the corridor, hotels, institutions along the corridor, clearing and forwarding agents among other stakeholders including documentation of the opportunities the road will present. The final product was a 15 minute documentary finalized and aired in the media. 

The Dongo Kundu by-pass is the first phase of the 11billion M-PARD project and will connect Mombasa mainland to the south coast by a bridge and bypass across Muache creek west of Mombasa isalnd. This phase involves teh construction of six road interchanges with bridges and a tunnel on the sea side, outside the moi internatioal airport. The project also involves construction of 10.1 km dual carriegeway from Miritini junction to Kipevu. The effect will also be a decongested Mombasa Port a  quicker turnaround time for freight logistics companies delivering and collecting cargo. It will also open up the South Coast for more business.

Interviews with stakeholders was interesting but aerial surveilance was particularly fascinating to me. The chopper was flying at very low with one side open to allow for a good view. The experience is not for the faint hearted!


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