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I was recently hired by UNDP as Case Writer to produce a case study. The paper describes the interventions undertaken to create an inclusive business ecosystem that involves public and private stakeholders in order to increase awareness of and access to ORS and zinc for treating childhood diarhoea.

The assignment involved producing (identifying, analysing, and writing up) a case study based on the meeting notes and further interviews with key stakeholders. These stakeholders included: Clinton Health Access Initiative, Country Director Kenya; Ministry of Health staff; Micronutrient Initiative (NGO which helped with co-packing design); Cosmos (manufacturer of co-pack); Universal Corporation Limited (manufacturer of co-pack); Phillips Pharma Group (private sector distribution); A few example of  individuals or communities positively affected by access to ORS Zinc (referred by Ministry of Health) and Others as required

The case study included quantitative indicators (ex. number of clients served so far, target number of clients during phases of scale up, etc.) as well as qualitative ones. Throughout the case development process, I closely interacted with with the BCtA Secretariat and Health Sector Lead. Selected reviewers reviewed the preliminary and final drafts of the case, and I  remained engaged and responsive to feedback and comments during this iterative process.

The paper is available on

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