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Drivers of success for Community Based Natural Resource Projects in Coast Province

Drivers of success for Community based natural resource projects in coast province” is a World Bank funded project to evaluate, document and disseminate successful community based natural resource sub-projects.  The results of this evaluation are products for dissemination to environmental and healt…

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Dongo Kundu by pass a game changer in Coast economy

Research East Africa Consultants was recently involved in documentation of the Mombasa Port Area Road Development (M-PARD) This is a project under the Kenya Natioal Highways Authority with funding form JICA, Project No: JICA No KE-P29. The assignment involved documentation (including aerial surveill…

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REA Consultants adopts "Evidence Based Communications"

Research East Africa Consultants, has adopted a new, data-focused approach to communications called “Evidenced-Based Communications.” This is a new firm-wide methodology for developing, monitoring and measuring communications programs.

This is occasioned by the fact that the media and communi…

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Communication Innovation

I have been teaching a course Communication Innovation to Masters students of Communication and Knowledge Management at JKUAT. I have found good reading in Everett Rodgers writings.

Everett M. Rogers is widely known as the inventor of the “Diffusion of Innovation” theory from his research on how fa…

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Health Communications, a growing field

I was recently hired by UNDP as Case Writer to produce a case study. The paper describes the interventions undertaken to create an inclusive business ecosystem that involves public and private stakeholders in order to increase awareness of and access to ORS and zinc for treating childhood diarhoea.…

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