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Drivers of success for Community Based Natural Resource Projects in Coast Province

Drivers of success for Community based natural resource projects in coast province” is a World Bank funded project to evaluate, document and disseminate successful community based natural resource sub-projects.  The results of this evaluation are products for dissemination to environmental and health advocacy partners that include a comprehensive report, ten 5-10 minute  videos, pictures,  brochures, posters among other products. Some of these products are available on our You Tube channel and on our website

In this project, REA Consultants with the help of experts in natural resource management  designed the criteria for identification of successful NRM project. 40 organizations across coast province undertaking NRM projects were identified for evaluation. Based on the criteria developed, REA Consultants devised a tool and visited these organizations, gathering information, and subjecting the 40 selected organizations to this tool, which included a success scoring criteria. The first ten scorers were considered successful and packaged for dissemination as best practice.

A 150 page report giving a thick description of Rationale for the assignment, Conceptual framework, Objectives, Methodology, Data analysis, Conclusions and recommendations and appendices, containing samples of all dissemination materials produced, was submitted and approved by the World Bank for dissemination

Images from the project


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