Research East Africa Consultants

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Research East Africa Consultants is a research institution which focuses on research on environment, health, aquatic resource management, data management and related issues. Communication, Documentation, dissemination of information, awareness creation and behavior change remain some of the most important operational areas.

Scientific data and information generated have enhanced sustainable exploitation, management and conservation of Kenya’s natural resources, and promoted environmental protection, food security, poverty alleviation, and employment creation.   REA Consultants have therefore contributed to the current government development policies, for example as specified in "Vison 2030", the “UN Millennium Development Goals”.

REA Consultants have vast experience of over 10 years of research and development activities in Kenya.  Most recently, REA Consultant has undertaken various Communication and  Natural Resource projects. Key ones include Documentation of the Mombasa Port Area Road Development (M-PARD), Project No: JICA No KE-P29 (popularly called the Dongo Kundu by pass), Conducting training on how to prevent and control toxic chemicals and oil products in the Lake Victoria: East African Community Lake Victoria Basin Commission; Consultancy to document and disseminate successful community based natural resource sub-projects, World Bank/Kenya Coastal Development Project (KCDP),Communication strategies for Kilifi County Government, Coast Water Services Board (World Bank); Retirement Benefits Authority, Mara River Basin meant to make it a sustainably managed basin, among others.